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I am a Japanese artist living in New York City and Tokyo. The main body of my work consists of abstract intaglio and woodblock printsMy works have been collected by Empress Emerita Michiko of Japan, Crown Princess Kiko of Japan, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, (New York), Tikotin Museum (Haifa), The United States Embassy (Tokyo), Abe Collection, Yoseido Gallery in Japan (Tokyo), and Kathy Caraccio Studio (New York).

My works reflect memories of my Japanese past and the frenetic present of New York City life. I associate natural objects with Japanese culture, while geometric forms evoke, for me, images of American urban life. In my art, I often merge two or more different materials such as plastics, or metals with natural objects like leaves, or rice paper. I love the juxtaposition of the heaviness of European paper and the warmth of rice paper. Even though the Japanese paper looks fragile and light, it is amazingly strong. In my art I bring together very different materials, drawing on the strength of each and combining them to make something exciting and beautiful and different. The life theme of my work is to communicate across languages and cultures and to evoke beauty from the interaction of different cultures, something Japanese and Western artists have been doing since the mid-nineteenth century, influencing each other as they created their own unique expressions.

日本で育ちアメリカ、ニューヨークで暮らす事になった私に取りまして、日本という国は常に心の中にあります。幼いころ育った家の障子やふすまの和紙の暖かさ。又日本語の持つ含みや深さは東洋の魅力として私を魅了してやみません。一方アメリカの大都市ニューヨークはダイナミックなエネルギーに満ち溢れています。日本とアメリカの異なった文化は、私に多くの影響を与えてくれました。言葉では充分に伝える事のできない気持ちを「アート」を通して表現できます事は大変幸せな事だと思っております。 最近は、宇宙や大自然に惹かれております。同じ月や星も見る所や国が変わるとまるで印象が変わります。 鎖国が溶けた直後東洋と西洋のアーチストたちはお互いの作品に影響を与えあい、様々な傑作を生み出しました。私も、この二つの文化から学んだ経験を作品を通して表現して行きたいと願っております。

作品は、上皇后美智子さま、文仁親王紀子さま、メトロポリタン美術館(ニューヨーク)ティコティン美術館(ハイファ)、アメリカ大使館(東京)、阿部コレクション養清堂画廊(東京)、K.カラチオ・スタジオ 等に所蔵されております。

カーティス 翠


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2021  Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo

2020  Works Gallery, New York

2018  Works Gallery, New York

2015  Works Gallery, New York

2014  Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo

2013  LS Gallery, Crete

2013  The Knox Gallery, Monterey , Massachusetts

2012  Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo

2009  Works Gallery, New York

2009  Inter-Church Centre Gallery, New York

2009  Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo

2008  Works Gallery, New York

2007  LS Gallery, Crete

2004  Works Gallery, New York

2002  Works Gallery, New York

2002  Atelier Suzuki, Tokyo

2001  Melina Mercouri Museum, Athens

2000  LS Gallery, Crete

1998  Inter-Church Centre Gallery, New York

1998  Atelier Suzuki, Tokyo

1996  Art Builders, Jersey City

1991  Art Builders, Jersey City

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2015  St. Francis Gallery, Massachusetts

2014  St. Francis Gallery, Massachusetts

2013  The Knox Gallery, Monterey, Massachusetts

2012  The Knox Gallery, Monterey, Massachusetts

2010  Pelvin Gallery, New York

2009  Pelvin Gallery, New York

1999  Paper Pots II, John Elder Gallery, New York

1999  Salon de Mai, Paris

1996  Salon de Mai, Paris

1995  Gallery Coutieux, Suresnes

Selected Juried Exhibitions:

2018  CWAJ, Tokyo

2016  Site Brooklyn, New York

2014  Biennial Onojo Madokapia Juried Exhibition, Fukuoka

2012  Biennial Onojo Madokapia Juried Exhibition, Fukuoka

2011  Sumio Kawakami Museum, Tochigi

2011  CWAJ, Tokyo

2010  Biennial Onojo Madokapia Juried Exhibition, Fukuoka

1998  Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial

1998  Florida Printmakers Society, Florida

1983  Exposition Beau Soleil, Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

1982  Exposition Beau Soleil, Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Antis Wines : Argentina
U3 Music Inc. New York, Tokyo

Collections Includes:

  • Abe Collection, Tokyo

  • Atelier Silky, Tokyo

  • British Airways First Class Lounge, New Jersey

  • Calvin Klein Cosmetics, New York, Milan, New Jersey offices

  • Her Majesty The Empress Emerita Michiko

  • His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Akishino and Kiko, Crown Princess of Japan

  • Kathy Caraccio Studio, New York

  • Kure Kogyo, Tokyo

  • MA Partners,Tokyo

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

  • Pasona Group

  • Roppngi Hills Club, Tokyo

  • Salomon Brothers, New York

  • Sanyo Inc. Tokyo

  • Tikotin Museum, Haifa

  • United States Embassy, Tokyo

  • U3 Music Inc., New York, Tokyo

  • Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo

  • Zwerling,Schacter & Zwerling, LLP, New York 

  • and Personal Collections


1990  Kathy Caraccio Printmaking Studio, New York
1989  MFA School of the Arts, Columbia University, New York
1975  BFA, School of Visual Arts, New York

1975  Dessin D'Art Printmaking Studio, Paris
1967  Diploma, Jyoshibi Art & Design, Tokyo

Work Experiences:

  • McCann-Erickson- Hakuhodo, Tokyo

  • Luber Stewart Ad Agency, New York

  • Freelance: J. Walter Thompson, New York

  • VIP Design Studio, Tokyo

  • Member of the Board of Trustees, Noguchi Museum, 2013-2016

  • Member of the Board of Directors, for American Committee for KEEP (Kiyosato Educational Experimental Project), 2011-2017

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